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Return policy

1. Tianjin Guangfu shall be responsible for the inspection of the products and issue the quality inspection report meeting the standards agreed in the contract; Within 30 days after the product is sold, the quality objection raised by the customer to Tianjin Guangfu is valid. If the goods need to be returned or replaced due to product quality problems, the customer should first contact the customer service representative of Tianjin Guangfu. Without the permission of Tianjin recovery, Tianjin recovery will not accept the return of goods. Products directly returned without confirmation cannot be returned. If the customer does not raise any objection within the time limit, it shall be deemed that the Tianjin Guangfu products meet the customer's requirements, and Tianjin Guangfu shall not be held responsible.

2. Tianjin Guangfu will not accept customers' exchange or return of the following products, including but not limited to: customized or special order materials; Contaminated or damaged commodities and unsealed commodities due to your reasons; Goods with quality problems caused by your improper transportation, delivery or storage; Missing labels, refrigerated or frozen products, unsealed products. If there are special circumstances that require Tianjin Guangfu to return or exchange the goods, the customer shall explain the reasons for the return and exchange to Tianjin Guangfu and obtain the written consent of Tianjin Guangfu (QQ and wechat communication records can be regarded as written vouchers).

3. If the product is confirmed to have quality problems by Tianjin Guangfu, Tianjin Guangfu shall bear the responsibility for product defect warranty and complete the replacement or return of the product within 10 working days. However, the customer shall provide Tianjin Guangfu with the corresponding product delivery inspection report, machine printed delivery note, original product packaging, etc. to prove that the products to be returned or replaced are provided by Tianjin Guangfu. Otherwise, Tianjin Guangfu has the right to refuse the customer's return or replacement requirements.

4. If Tianjin Guangfu accepts the customer's exchange or return request, the customer shall submit a written product return notice (the return notice shall at least include the product name, quantity, specification, article number and other information), and Tianjin Guangfu shall verify it within 10 working days after receiving the customer's return notice. If the product is damaged due to customer reasons, Tianjin Guangfu will not be responsible for return, replacement and adjustment.

5. Except for the quality defects of the goods sold by our company, the freight of the returned goods and the return freight of the exchanged goods shall be borne by the buyer.

6. Party A and Party B agree that Tianjin Guangfu has the right to charge additional fees for any return and replacement except for product quality problems, and Tianjin Guangfu has the right to charge 20% of the restocking fee for the returned catalog items, and the minimum fee is not less than RMB 100.

7. When we confirm with you that the goods can be returned, please be sure to return the original invoice to us according to the requirements of the customer service personnel. If the invoice is lost or cannot be returned due to your reasons, we will not be able to handle the return procedures.


In particular, the following cases shall not be returned:

1. Any Tianjin Guangfu reagent products not sold by Tianjin Guangfu reagent company shall be subject to the order confirmation;

2. Products that have exceeded the above acceptance period;

3. The product has no label, or the label can not identify whether it belongs to Tianjin Guangfu reagent;

4. The original package of the sealed product is opened, and the one-time sealing or adhesive strip is damaged (except for quality problems);

5. The product has been used (except for quality problems);

7. The product pictures and information on the website are for reference only, and are not quality problems. There may be color difference between the commodity picture and the real object due to the shooting of lights and the color difference of different monitors. All shall be subject to the real object;

8. Tianjin Guangfu reagent will not accept the application for return of goods due to the false alarm caused by your technical level and use environment restrictions and the actual situation is inconsistent with your description;

9. If the returned product contains gifts, the gifts must be returned together with the return;

10. Refrigerated, frozen, transported and stored products;