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Invoice description

1. how to obtain invoices

Tianjin Guangfu reagent mall will issue "electronic ordinary VAT invoice" or "special VAT invoice" for all orders as required by customers. This invoice can be used as a company reimbursement voucher and tax credit. The invoice details are the information about the goods actually purchased by the customer. The invoice amount is the total order amount (including the amount of distribution fee).


2. delivery method of invoice

1) The invoices of Tianjin Guangfu reagent mall are generally delivered in two forms: electronic invoice and express delivery.

2) The electronic invoice is a common VAT invoice, which will be sent to the invoice receiving mailbox provided by you by email. You can fill in or modify the bill receipt mailbox in the invoicing information or order submission interface.

3) Invoices sent by post are generally sent by express delivery. Please fill in the invoice mailing address on the order page, and the customer shall bear the corresponding express fee according to the actual situation.

4) In case of special circumstances, we will promptly notify you of the delivery method of the invoice.