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How to order

Online purchase process:

1. registration and login: register as a member of this website and log in to the website

2. find products: you can search products by name /cas/ product number, etc

3. add to the shopping cart: select satisfactory products to add to the shopping cart (goods requiring inquiry cannot be added to the shopping cart. Please contact online QQ customer service to confirm the price and place an order with customer service)

4. submit order: confirm the order after filling in the receipt information, invoice information, uploading the business license, etc

5. payment for goods: select payment method to make payment

6. order status: the member center can view the order processing status at any time

7. if you have any questions, you can directly call the ordering hotline or contact the online customer service of the website

Offline purchase process:

1. you can call the order hotline +86-13802127750

2. customer service will provide product consultation, pre-sales and after-sales services as soon as possible

3. after the order is confirmed and the payment is completed, we will deliver the goods to the customer