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Bank telegraphic transfer

1. Domestic customers can handle telegraphic transfer business to our company's account through any bank in the country.

Account Name: Tianjin Guangfu Technology Development Co., Ltd

Bank of deposit: CCB Tianjin New Technology Industrial Park sub branch

Account No.: 12001650472052506528

Line No.: 105110035272

Note: Please fill in your order number in the remittance purpose column or postscript column of the telegraphic transfer voucher / cheque, and send the remittance voucher to the salesperson after the remittance, so that we can check and ensure that your order can be delivered in time.

2. Remittance arrival time

Domestic: 1-3 days


3. Bank telegraphic transfer, no actual remittance, order cancellation period

If bank telegraphic transfer is selected, please remit the total amount of the order within 2 days after the order is confirmed. If the payment is still not received after 2 days, the salesperson will call to confirm and cancel your order.