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Terms of sale

While accepting the order and delivery of goods, the customer is obliged to abide by the following transaction terms. Please read the following terms carefully before placing an order or accepting delivery:

1. the price of the goods ordered shall be subject to the online price when you place the order. The customer service quotation shall prevail when inquiring about the following items.

2. please clearly and accurately fill in your real name, shipping address and contact information. If the order is delayed or cannot be delivered due to the following circumstances, Guangfu will not be liable:

A) the customer provides wrong information and incomplete address;

B) the expenses and related consequences arising from repeated distribution caused by the delivery of goods without signature;

C) force majeure, such as natural disasters, traffic martial law, sudden war, etc. 

3. inspection

A) at the time of delivery, the customer shall check the integrity and firmness of the overall full box outer packaging (i.e. large package) of the product on site. When receiving the products, the customer shall report to the recovery Department on the spot if he finds any shortage, damage, pollution, abnormity, or other circumstances that do not comply with the provisions of laws and regulations. Otherwise, it shall be deemed that the customer recognizes that the overall full box outer packaging (i.e. large package) of the products provided by the recovery is qualified. If the customer makes a request after receiving the goods, the recovery will not be accepted.

B) within three days after receiving the goods, the customer shall check whether the inner packaging is missing, damaged, polluted, abnormal, etc. if such conditions exist, the customer shall immediately notify the customer to recover. If the customer fails to raise the request within the time limit, the inner packaging of the product shall be deemed to be qualified. The optical recovery will be processed according to the situation.

4. security: whether you order goods by telephone or online, we will ensure the security of transaction information

5. privacy: recovery respects your privacy. Under no circumstances will we sell or divulge your personal and order information to any third party (except for access by national judicial authorities). All customer information we get from the website or telephone is only used to process your relevant orders.

6. exemption: if the online transaction cannot be completed or the relevant information and records are lost due to the breakdown or abnormal use of the recovered sales system due to force majeure or other reasons beyond the control of the recovery, the recovery will assist in dealing with the aftermath as reasonably as possible and strive to protect the customers from economic losses.